EBOT Interim Exam

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EBOT Interim Exam

April 11th, 2017

the EBOT Interim Exam has advantages for both the candidate, and for the your Department:

- Recognition of own weak areas of knowledge

- Anonymous benchmarking with colleagues in the same year, same country and different countries

- Drive to make an annual revision

- Benchmarking with other training centers from the same country or different countries

- Recognition of week educational areas inside the Department

Thus, we are pleased to announce the 6th EBOT Online Interim Exam will be held on 11th of April 2017 from 10am to 1pm Central European Time. The exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions (single correct answer). We would like to take the opportunity to invite you to participate this year.

Should this be the first time you will take part in the Interim Exam, please contact the EBOT Administrator, Mrs. Nina Nürnberger at ebotexam@efort.org to get an official invitation and start the registration process.

If your hospital has already participated in the past and you are registered, please just click on the link following link to confirm you wish to participate in the exam again this year: http://ebotexam.ektimo.net/Location/LocationExamInviteApprove.aspx?token=t7Ttd8 QZmq7d

How your candidates register: Once you have registered the Department, your candidates can register themselves online at http://www.ebotexam.org/interim/. When they register, they can select your location from the list in step 2 of the registration procedure. They will be sent all the information necessary for them to sign in on exam day.

Access code: A few days before the exam, it will be sent to you an access code that you should verbally give to the candidates 15 minutes before the exam commences. This will enable them to download and run the exam and prevent those who are registered but on at an official exam location from accessing the exam.

Exam day: Clinics are responsible for ensuring an adequate amount of invigilation and suitable facilities for the exam. The examinee will be sent all the necessary information to login to the website.

After the exam: Results of the exam, graphical statistics and ranking will be available a few hours after the exam. Residents can view their ranking within Europe, and at country level for the different exam topics from their overview. Graphical information, results and statistics are also available to the clinic via the clinic’s overview.

Registration for the Interim Exam are currently open. Registration is currently free for hospitals and candidates.