In accordance with its aims, FORTE is dedicating most of its activities and energy in Education. Since there is a certain degree of disparity with training systems among European countries, we are trying to identify the differences and build bridges across Europe via Educational activities.

In alliance with all major Orthopaedic Societies in Europe, and in close collaboration with EFORT, we are contributing to the formation of a uniform educational and training system across Europe. FORTE has active contribution in the European Curriculum, EBOT exam, and the European Educational Platform.

In partnership with EFORT and many National Orthopaedic Societies, FORTE is organizing educational sessions and activities focused on Residents during the EFORT and National congresses. Together with specialty societies, we are aiming to create a similar platform for Residents.

In addition, FORTE is organizing the FORTE summer school in collaboration with EFORT. FORTE summer schools aims to provide concise knowledge on core issues in orthopedics. Further, FORTE is working with Springer and EFORT towards creating an educational book series, entitled “Orthopaedic Study Guide Series”.

You can find some interesting articles regarding Orthopedics in our journal club.